While making this ad, I used the colors black, blue, and some white for my color scheme because this bands usually uses those three colors on all of their albums. When using these colors, I made sure to make them stand out in my poster. For my fonts, I used capital letters and made sure it was big because I was sticking with the type of font the band uses. I changed up the different types of fonts because I wanted to give the poster more of a variety and to make some of the information stand out more. The more important information I made stand out in this poster and made it big and the not so important information, I made in a smaller font. For the imagery, I found two pictures online of the band, and their logo. I thought this would be a good idea so those two pictures can represent who the band is. I made the logo picture big it would stand out and people will know who this band is. I put an outer glow around the band's picture so it can emphasize who they are. I achieved movement because where it says "World Tour" and where it has where you can find tickets out, I used a wavy type way to show the text. This will allow viewers to get the feel of movement when they see the wave. I also achieved a little bit of rhythm in my poster. I did this by making words bigger than others. What I did to emphasize my poster was to make "World Tour" stand out the most. I did this so the viewers will get the idea that this is a very big tour and the band will be all around the world. When looking at this poster, the viewers eyes will draw attention to "World Tour" because it's in big font, it has a glow on it, and its just the first thing to see that can fascinate the viewers eyes. Emphasizing those words really get the viewers attention and make people more interested on this tour.