In my project I used narrative and artistic expression art. I used narrative by telling a stroy about little "robots" afraid to go to the earth because the earth is scary. I used artistic expression by showing that the robots are scared and the earth is scary. I used lines in this project by showing curvy lines on the earth and in the background, and then showing straight lines on the earths eyebrows. I used cool colors for the background and then I used analogous, complementary, triadic, and monchromatic on the robots and the earth. In this project, I used geometric shapes by using squares, circles, and triangles. I also used an organic shape in the right hand corner at the bottom. I used rhythm in this project by repeating robots so it looks like it has tempo. I also used harmony because nothing in this project is the focal point and I combined all the shapes. Finally, I used symmetrical and asymmetical because if you "fold" the robots in half they are symmetrical. I used asymmetrical balance because the earth is different from the side the robots are on but all in all the picture is still balanced.